​Sustainable agriculture

凤凰体育注册Our people and brands have always had longstanding and positive relationships with farmers, on whose raw materials we rely.

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We continue to work with local agricultural communities to support them and the long-term supply of our ingredients. Where appropriate, we help equip them with the knowledge, tools and specialist support to develop sustainable agriculture.

凤凰体育注册Partnerships with farmers and farmer groups in particular are the most effective way to promote sustainable farming practices and secure local supply networks. We've seen how these partnerships, when successful, can change lives and transform communities through improved farming and consequently increased yield and livelihoods. We are keen to ensure that our models and partnerships remain inclusive, allowing for participation by both small and large-scale farmers, women and youth farmers and entrepreneurs.


In 2015 we became a member of the (SAI), the main food and drink industry initiative supporting the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide.

凤凰体育注册Our membership of SAI provides us with a collaborative platform in which to work with our industry peers and suppliers to continue to build capacity for sustainable agriculture across our value chains. It also gives us the opportunity to work with farmers to strengthen our existing approaches.

In Africa this year, where we see significant potential for developing more sustainable farming practices, we sourced 82% of agricultural raw materials locally within Africa for use by our African markets, compared to 78% last year.

Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines

We are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices across our supply chain.  In June 2018, we published our updated Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines (SAG) which we have aligned with SAI Platform’s tool for assessing on-farm sustainability; the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA); in order to minimise the burden of compliance on our suppliers and instead allow them to focus on making impactful improvements in farming practices. 

凤凰体育注册This document sets out the Standards we expect in our agricultural supply chains, and should be applied in conjunction with our supplier code, ‘Partnering with Suppliers’. It also provides guidelines to help our suppliers, both Established and Emerging, meet these Standards. We expect our suppliers to understand our Standards and help drive the application of the Standards through their supply chain to the farms where our raw materials are grown.

Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines

Making a difference for farmers in Kenya

See how a local sourcing initiative has had a positive impact on the lives of farmers in Meru, Kenya.